Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Canon Beats Nikon 8-4 in October Photo Mag Contests

If you’re going to fight over Nikon vs. Canon, you need a way to keep score. You could keep track of camera sales, but those numbers aren’t always easy to come by. You could track the two companies’ financial results but both make other products. So we had to look for a way, and we think we’ve found it.

Each month, the nation’s two largest photography magazines —
Popular Photography and Imaging and Shutterbug — run photo contests for readers. The majority of winning photos are shot with either Nikon or Canon cameras, so we’ve decided to begin keeping score. And we think you will find the results very interesting.

So here's our first monthly report.
Canon Beats Nikon 8-4 in October Photo Mag Contests

Canon beat Nikon 8-4 in October’s monthly reader photo contests in the two largest U.S. photography magazines.

Three of the winning photos in Popular Photography and Imaging’s “Your Best Shot” feature this month were made with Canon cameras compared with one for Nikon. Five of the photos in Shutterbug’s “Picture This!” feature were made with Canon and three with Nikon.

That makes the score 8-4 in favor of Canon this month, with three photos shot with other brands.

October was the third winning month in a row for Canon, which has won five months out of the past 10 and leads year-to-date totals at 83-73. Nikon has won four months, while one month -- March -- was a 5-5 tie. All other brands combined total 39 for the year. On an annual basis, the number of winning photos shot with either Nikon or Canon continues to outnumber winning photos shot with all other brands combined 4:1.

The monthly analysis by www.nikonvscanon.com is not intended to indicate that one brand is more likely than the other to produce prize-winning photos or that either magazine favors either camera brand. In fact, the winning brand fluctuates frequently from month to month in both magazines.

Be sure to visit again next month for the latest Nikon vs. Canon score.

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