Sunday, November 26, 2006

Popular Photography Calls Canon Digital Rebel XTi High End Camera in Bargain Body

Popular Photography and Imaging has done its review of the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, and the reviewers like what they see.

“It strains the term ‘entry-level,’ ” the review said, referring to advances since the original Digital Rebel. “It’s now more of a high-end camera in a bargain body.”

“Aside from a few inconveniences, shooting with the Rebel XTi is thoroughly pleasurable,” Pop Photo said. “It works fast and accurately. No, it’s not a bulletproof tank, and some of the control buttons are barely up from point-and-shoot. But given the image quality, autofocusing, fast shooting, and exposure controls of the XTi, it’s not just a deal, it’s a screaming bloody great deal.”

The Canon won praise for accurate autofocusing, high image quality, an easy-to-read LCD panel and two ways to remove sensor dust but was criticized for lacking a second command dial, for burying flash-level settings in the menu and for not being as tough as the EOS 30D. In scientific lab testing, image quality, resolution and color accuracy all received “excellent” ratings. Noise was rated “very low” at ISO 100 and 200, “low” at 400 and “moderately low” at 800 and 1600. Highlight/shadow detail was “very high” but contrast was “slightly low.”

The review appeared on Pop Photo’s web site dated November but was not in the November issue of the magazine.

Click here to read the complete review.

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