Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nikon Releases Updated Version of Nikon Capture

The updated version of Nikon Capture NX software offered in beta form in January has now been officially released as Capture NX 1.1, and has added Windows Vista features in addition to working with Intel-based Macs. (Intel Mac compatibility was the headline feature of the beta.)

Nikon says the new version boasts several new improvements including increased performance, full support for Intel-based Mac OS X computers, and optimization for Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system.

In addition to these advancements, Nikon has made several usability updates based on software testing and customer feedback. Capture NX 1.1 now sports a simpler user interface that has added improvements such as resizable palettes for histograms along with curves and levels adjustments.

Capture NX 1.1 provides a “unique and user-friendly” interface featuring tools that serve photographers needs, “without the complexity and clutter of other image editing applications,” Nikon says. The software can be used with JPEG and TIFF format images from any source, and its patented “U Point” technology offers photographers a simplified way to edit pictures by enabling them to enhance specific areas of a picture selectively, without the use of masks, selections, or layers. Capture NX 1.1 also works with Nikon’s RAW (NEF) format images, and inherits Nikon’s RAW processing capabilities for the highest quality results from NEF files.

Capture NX 1.1 is available for download immediately and can be purchased for an estimated selling price of $149.95 as a full boxed version or downloadable key. A 30-day trial version is available for new users, and can be downloaded at www.nikonusa.com, in the Software Download section. Current users of Capture NX will be also able to download an update to version 1.1 at no additional cost. A special limited-time upgrade price of $89.95 will be offered to current owners of Nikon Capture 4 software in the U.S. market. This upgrade will only be available online at www.nikonmall.com/captureupgrade and is limited to registered owners.

A detailed online demonstration of how Capture NX works is available at www.capturenx.com.

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