Friday, August 03, 2007

Canon Shuts Out Nikon 7-0 in August Photo Mag Contests

Nikon suffered its worst month in the history of as Canon scored a 7-0 shutout in August’s reader photo contests in the two largest U.S. photo magazines.

Canon beat Nikon 5-0 in Shutterbug’s “Picture This!” feature and 2-0 in Popular Photography and Imaging’s “Your Best Shot” contest.

Nikon not only lost to Canon, but was outscored by other brands, which accounted for an unusually high five winning photos in Shutterbug and one in Pop. (The winning “other” photo in Pop was made with a Yashicamat 124-G, one of our favorite non-Nikon/Canon cameras.)

Nikon also lost its previous 41-38 year-to-date lead, slipping behind to 45-41 as Canon took the lead. Others now total 25 for the year. Nikon and Canon combined still outnumber all others combined three to one.

Canon won 2006 89-83 with all other brands combined accounting for 43 photos.

Popular Photography and Imaging and Shutterbug run photo contests for readers each month. The majority of winning photos are shot with either Nikon or Canon cameras, and tracks the winners as a means of keeping score in the perennial argument among photographers of which brand is better.

The analysis by is not intended to take sides or to indicate that either magazine favors either camera brand. In fact, the winning brand fluctuates frequently from month to month in both magazines.

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