Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nikon and Canon Tie 5-5 in September Photo Mag Contests

Nikon recovered from August’s embarrassing 7-0 shutout to tie Canon 5-5 in September’s reader photo contests in the two largest U.S. photo magazines.

Canon beat Nikon 2-1 in Popular Photography and Imaging’s “Your Best Shot” contest but Nikon outscored Canon 4-3 in Shutterbug’s “Picture This!” feature. Other brands scored one hit in Pop and three in Shutterbug for a total of four.

Canon now leads Nikon 50-46 for the year, with all others combined at 29. Nikon and Canon have each had three winning months while three months were tied. Canon won 2006 89-83 with all other brands combined accounting for 43 photos.

Popular Photography and Imaging and Shutterbug run photo contests for readers each month. The majority of winning photos are shot with either Nikon or Canon cameras, and tracks the winners as a means of keeping score in the perennial argument among photographers of which brand is better.

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At 5:26 AM, Blogger david said...

You are not comparing apples with apples;

- Shooting 5 fps cannot be compared with 9 fps
- 5.1 mb images on DX lenses versus no compatibility for non full frame lenses at all? My friend who bought a 1D3 did no laught when he realized he could no use his non full frame lenses on his $5000 camera. I felt really sorry for him, if only it was not so 'laughable'. At least i can still use my DX lenses
- 6400ASA standard versus 3400ASA
- Awsome color base AF, versus cameras which have problems focussing?

At 5:42 AM, Blogger david said...

SORRY, this comment was meant for the next topic...


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