Saturday, November 03, 2007

Nikon Starts Podcast Series

Nikon is on the radio – Internet radio, at least.

Nikon this fall began a series of podcasts on topics ranging from the basics of digital SLR photography to how to shoot particular situations, with a big emphasis on Nikon equipment, of course. (If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that a podcast is a radio program that is downloaded from a website rather than broadcast over the air, then listened to either on your computer, iPod or other MP-3 player.)

The first episode featured “lifestyle journalist” Mark Ellwood interviewing Nikon Inc. Senior Technical Manager Steve Heiner talk radio-style on the topic of “All About D-SLR.” The episode is very beginner-oriented, clearly targeted at a point-and-shoot owner considering a D-40 rather than a professional thinking about a D-3. And as the title indicates, Ellwood kept awkwardly using the term “D-SLR” rather than “a D-SLR” as if it were a style of photography rather than a type of camera. Ellwood is clearly not a photographer but apparently was chosen on purpose as a typical consumer who doesn’t know an f/stop from a shutter speed who wants to learn the advantages of a digital SLR. But it’s still interesting to see Nikon exploring the relatively new medium of podcasting to get the word out and perhaps encourage a few people to move up to the world of interchangeable lenses and pentaprisms.

The series is up to five episodes now, with the latest covering PhotoPlus Expo 2007. Click here for Nikon’s press release page, then click on the release about each episode in order to get the links and listen.

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